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Our Referring Doctors
BDS Clinic is proud to collaborate with a large group of expert clinicians, located in nearby geographic areas or remote locations in Lebanon or overseas. General Dentists, prosthodontists, endodontists, or orthodontists are our referring doctors. The periodontists/ oral surgeons in the clinic provide to their patients periodontal therapy; implant treatment, endodontic surgery or surgery for orthodontic needs. Treatment planning is always discussed with them as part of our comprehensive multidisciplinary patient care. The patients are referred back to complete their treatment.

Pr. PIerre Azar. Prosthodontics.Sodeco. Beirut.
Dr. Naji Abou Chebel . Oral Maxilo-Facial Surgery, Hazmieh Beirut
Dr. Georges Achkar. Endodontics, Prosthodontics. Hamra, Beirut
Dr. Hadi Akl. –Prosthodontics Antelias
Dr. Faycal Alamedine . Verdun Beirut
Dr. Patrcik Arcache –TMJ disorders and Orofacial pain. Montreal Quebec
Dr. Samir Baalbaki . Prosthodontics Hamra Beirut
Dr. Naji Chalita , General dentistry. Ashrafieh Beirut, Antelias Metn
Dr. Cedric Haddad. General Dentistry, Prosthodontics.Hamra Beirut
Pr Fadi Hajj. Prosthodontics. Badaro, Beirut
Dr. Sebouh Hovnanian–General Dentistry. Hamra Beirut ,Jal el Dib Metn
Dr. Missak Jabayian . General Dentistry, Jal el Dib, Metn
Dr. Sami Karam. Orthodontics, Hamra Beirut
Pr Khalil Karam , Radiology. Jounieh
Dr. Elias Kopti Qatar
Dr. Mardiros Nigolian , General Dentistry, Ashrafieh Beirut
Pr. Khaldoun Rifai. Prosthodontics. Sodeco Beirut.
Dr. Felippe Rizk, Orthodontics, Sodeco Beirut
Dr Joe Sabbagh . Restorative Dentistry. Hazmieh Beirut
Dr. Roy Sabri, Orthodontics, Sodeco , Beirut- Antelias Metn
Dr. Marwan Saade , general Dentistry , jounieh
Pr Antoine Sacy, Prosthodontics. Badaro Beirut
Dr. Claude Semerdjian. General Dentistry, Prosthodontics. Antelias Metn
Pr. Philippe Souaid , Pediatric dentistry/ Orthodontics Sodeco , Beirut
Dr. William Tawil. General dentistry Metn
Pr.Joseph Ghafari . Orthodontics. American University of Beirut .